and this is where it gets interesting!

Are you looking for a Property Search pack ? Do you have an ongoing need for Conveyancing Searches ? Do the searches need to be at the absolute cheapest price or is the quality of the service important, too ?

We can provide the Case Management system as a free platform if we are able to supply your clients with Conveyancing searches.

As a general overview we offer;

  • Automatic ordering procedures via the Case Management platform
  • A dynamic mapping facility
  • API links to Groundsure and the Coal Authority (to spead up the process)
  • A national network of search providers.
  • Many years of experience

Add into the equation that we can provide an overall bundle of services and we hopefully become an attractive proposition.

If you'd like to discuss Property Searches please call 0845 603 0708 and we'll talk through your needs and requirements.


Property Search Company