and this is where it gets interesting!

Are you a law firm looking for an Outsurced Legal Cashier ? Would you like to reduce your head count and staff costs ? Are you looking for an competitive price for an Outsourced service ?

There are undoubtedly benefits to working with an inhouse team and that can include a certain comradary and family spirit. It's also more fun at the Christmas party having more staff on hand. It has to be said though that there are also cost savings to be made when you outsource the service.

We would suggest the benifits are;

  1. Practice risk management
  2. SAR and SRA compliancy
  3. Cash flow forecasting
  4. Document Management via MS Office products
  5. Time recording and Billing
  6. Manage your Office Account & Client Account
  7. Customise your invoices
  8. Export your data
  9. Fewer bums on seats, lower PAYE bills, no holiday or sick leave, less office politics... and more room for Fee Earners.

We are happy to work with you to provide a service that offers the best value for your practice. Please call or email to discuss your needs in greater detail.


Outsourced Legal Cashiers