... and this is where it gets interesting!


Every solicitor will have their own website, although there are still a few without an online presence. The question is possibly does every law firm have a website that is as user friendly as it could be ?

If your law firm offers Conveyancing as an area of law do you have a portal for clients to run quotes ?

More specifically;

  • Can the general public obtain quotes ?
  • Can you list all your disbursements and generate bespoke quotes ?
  • Can you generate different quotes dependent upon the requirements of your Introducers ?   
  • Can you accept instructions online ?
  • And can those instructions automatically filter into your Case Management System ?

If you would like to discuss adding a Quotes calculator onto your site we can work to your needs and help you secure more online instructions.

Please call 0845 603 0708 should you wish to discuss matters in greater detail.


Conveyancing Quotes Calculators