and this is where it gets interesting!

We are happy to work around your pricing requirements. Does that sound outrageous that a business should want to attract new clients and provide a top notch service ?

There are a myriad of technical problems to overcome with any tech' based product and there's a constant need to develop the software, offer the facility to host content and generally work with clients to provide a service that ticks all the boxes. ie. there is, unfortunately, a cost.

As such we've come up with three pricing models;

  1. Payment per case. With Conveyancing transactions we are working on £7.50 + VAT per case.
  2. Payment per user for Non Conveyancing transactions. We are working on £20 + VAT per month, per User.
  3. Flat rate payment per month of £400 + VAT for firms of upto 20 members of staff.

The decision you may want to make is whether you want to dip into the platform to transact Conveyancing transactions that might ebb and flow during the course of the year. ie. busier in certain times of the year and quieter at Christmas. Or whether you have a reasonably consistent number of matters and a fixed price agreement works out to be better value over the long term.

We are happy to work with you to provide a service that offers the best value for your practice hence please call or email to discuss your needs in greater detail.


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